"It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it" ...... As US comedian once said. It also epitomises my work in general!!

I like to travel. There's nothing more exciting to me. I love to visit different countries and experience life in other cultures. The only way that I can record my adventures is by a passion of mine... Photography. I have always loved it ever since I was given a 110 Fun Camera free from my local Supasnaps (a UK processing shop) . One of my first photo's with it, was a shot from out of my bedroom window. I stuck a coin my the glass pain and captured it in view, thus creating the effect that a UFO was hovering over the Dudley sky!! This was my first lesson in the power of the frozen image.

The refining my passion as an art form was a happy accident. I left school and did a course in business studies, at my local college. Whilst waiting for our lessons, I would often look in wonder at the Photography department, which was adjacent to our class. Displayed outside the classes were galleries made by the students. This is what inspired me to enrol for photography the next year. I studied GCSE, A Level and a minor Degree in this subject.